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Product Development

Alpha Formulations’ in-house experts are available to assist all customers in the development of their products, from the simplest to the most complex formulations. We offer a great understanding of countless compounds, enabling us to recommend the best options to improve your formulations.

Powder Blending

Our sophisticated powder blenders ensure thorough and even blending of all materials with various densities. Alpha Formulations provides a consistent splitting and intermixing of free flowing dry solids, guaranteeing customer satisfaction.


Necessary Australian permits and accreditation give Alpha Formulations the ability to process and fill capsules. Choose between vegetable or gelatin capsules which come in a range of colours and sizes to best suit your product requirements.

Ingredient Sourcing + Flavouring

We give all customers access to our advanced international supply network, which enables us to acquire the highest quality raw materials from the largest and most reputable suppliers worldwide.

Our professional flavouring partners also give us exclusive access to the best flavour options, with an extensive variety of flavours, colours and sweeteners available. Flavours are all sourced inside Australia, supporting Australian business.

Packaging + Labelling

We have access to a wide range of packaging options in numerous sizes, allowing us to pack your finished products into containers that suit your specific needs. You are also free to provide your own packaging as desired.

Alpha Formulations also partners with professional printing services inside Australia and internationally. Through these, we are able to supply completely custom labels and printing, with the artwork you provide.

Product Compliance Recommendations

We have extensive knowledge on product labelling and ingredient compliance. For product compliance recommendations, we would be happy to put you in touch with an FSANZ or TGA Compliance Officer regarding your products.